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MMA in Greece - Christos Tsirimokos

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October 2022


Kritikos Camp



"I'm ready to beat any 70-year-old who comes in front of me"

'Apache' last competed at Hall of Champions 6 against Stefanos Baglatsakos, whom he defeated in impressive kickboxing style.

MMA is the future for Tsirimokos, nevertheless, he declares that he is open even to fights in kickboxing, "as long as the pay is right".

“The style I want to focus on is MMA. I'm not that into kickboxing anymore. This does not negate, but I am open to any challenge-suggestion. I have no problem fighting in this style again as long as I am given the right reward for what I have to offer," he said, referring to the fight with Baglatsakos.

"It was a clarification that had to be made so that some would understand that when I say I will give my soul I will put it into practice," he explained.

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